The Hard Bound Book…

* cuddles up in your favorite knitting chair with you.
* is portable. Put it in your knitting bag, take it to your LYS and design a sweater right there.
* is durable. It has a stout cover, built to last for years of use.
* is convenient to use. It lies totally flat with an ingenious concealed Wire-O binding.
* is a familiar friend. We’re all used to physical books, and this one was carefully designed to give you years of service.
* is only $32.95 plus shipping of $3.95. (It weighs almost 2 pounds and the actual shipping cost with packaging and postage is over $4 but I hate inflated shipping and handling fees.)

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The eBook…

* is an electronic file that is available instantly. You’ll have it in minutes.
* saves you money. Besides being less expensive, there’s no shipping charge, even across oceans.
* is easily navigated. You can jump to the section you need with the click of a mouse, or search for any word or phrase.
* is easily read. You can make the print as large as you need.
* is flexible. You can read it on your computer screen or print out a hardcopy.
* is interactive. You can fill in the Picture Patterns and Gauge Record Sheet on the computer and then print them out.
* saves paper. Print out only what you need.
* is only $29.

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