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  1. The more I read about your book Sweaters 101 the more I want it. How do I order it? I tried through your site, but I am having difficulties. At one point, I did get through to the checkout but when I tried to pay with paypal the message said that I needed to update the information. (country and postal code) I did that but the message just kept reoccurring.

  2. Hi Cheryl..considering purchasing your e book. I reside in Canada and the e book would be a better option for me considering postal costs and our Canadian dollar. Has there been any issues in ordering the e book. I’ve been knitting for many years but now I’m getting hung up on gauge swatches and knowing now the importance of finding the right gauge….is your book sweater101 the right fit for me?

    • Hi Colleen. Yes. Shipping costs to Canada are very high and you should have no trouble ordering the eBook. People all around the world have bought and downloaded it. As to whether or not it’s a good fit for you, I can’t entirely say, though many people have found my approach to gauge to be eye-opening for them. You can look at my YouTube videos on how to make a sweater and that will give you an idea if Sweater 101 will be helpful for you. You can start here:

  3. Hi am flakky pls i want to know more on how to knit different designs of cardigan/sweater with knitting machine

    • Have you watched my YouTube channel? It will help you make a pullover sweater on the machine. Then it’s not very hard to change that to a cardigan and that information is in Sweater 101 though I do not explain it specifically for the machine.

  4. I bought the ebook by Paypal. It’s my first time to buy ebook, please tell me how can I get the book?

    Transaction ID: 0LP22425SD605022E
    Seller Name & Email: Cheryl A. Brunette dba Sweater 101,
    Transaction Amount: -$29.00 USD
    Transaction Date: Dec 5, 2015

  5. Hi Cheryl, I’d like to purchase the ebook as I’m residing in the UK. However, it won’t let me choose that country. Only the United States is available from the drop-down menu. I’m not familiar with US post codes, tried to enter a random one but it won’t recognize it of course. In any case, I can’t go to the check out process because of it. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you by the way for making this book available for downloading; it saves us, who live outside the U.S., so much money. Best wishes, Sabine

  6. Can someone give a “pro & con” between the hard copy and the ebook? There was mention of links in the ebook but I thought I read about the ebook didn’t have some of the options the hard copy has.

    Thank You

    • Hi Karen, I can speak to it because I wrote the book. :) The eBook is the EXACT same book as the hardbound. It’s the same file as the one that went to the printer except in a pdf format. I linked each subject in the table of contents to the page it appears on, so it actually has an extra layer of usability. You click any where in the table of contents and it takes you right to the page. Hope this helps. Cheryl

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    I’m trying to buy your ebook, as I’m living in Germany, but it’s not possible. I can’t choose that country, only United States. What shall I do?
    thank you for making your book available for downloading!!! So precious.

    Best wishes, Betta

  8. Hello, Cheryl,
    Your book may be the answer to my sweater knitting dreams. Will I learn how to make a sweater for a big and tall man for the size 60″ and 6’5″?

    • Possibly. The concept that drives the book is that you can make any piece of knitting to an exact shape as long as you know how to make and measure a good gauge swatch and have a few math skills. The “standard” sizes in the book only go up to men’s size 50 (actual chest measurement 50″) However, if he has a sweater that fits him well, you can measure it, draw a schematic of the pieces with inch measurements and then fill in all the knitting information you need to make it with the help of the book. Most people, after working through at least one sweater with the book, can then make just about anything they want, but I don’t know your skill level or aptitude for this. It was, however, a very popular book years ago among a group of larger men knitters who could not otherwise find patterns for themselves.

    • Yes Imelda. It works for machine knitting too. It does not matter which tools you use to create knitted pieces. The shaping and size of the pieces are the same.

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