1) You can email me at contact at Make sure you put it into the proper form with the @ symbol and that you close up all the spaces between words and symbols.

2) You can leave me a message below, in the comments section.

3) You can also reach me by regular mail:

Cheryl Brunette
P. O. Box 112
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8 thoughts on “Contact

  1. The more I read about your book Sweaters 101 the more I want it. How do I order it? I tried through your site, but I am having difficulties. At one point, I did get through to the checkout but when I tried to pay with paypal the message said that I needed to update the information. (country and postal code) I did that but the message just kept reoccurring.

  2. Hi Cheryl..considering purchasing your e book. I reside in Canada and the e book would be a better option for me considering postal costs and our Canadian dollar. Has there been any issues in ordering the e book. I’ve been knitting for many years but now I’m getting hung up on gauge swatches and knowing now the importance of finding the right gauge….is your book sweater101 the right fit for me?

    • Hi Colleen. Yes. Shipping costs to Canada are very high and you should have no trouble ordering the eBook. People all around the world have bought and downloaded it. As to whether or not it’s a good fit for you, I can’t entirely say, though many people have found my approach to gauge to be eye-opening for them. You can look at my YouTube videos on how to make a sweater and that will give you an idea if Sweater 101 will be helpful for you. You can start here:

  3. Hi am flakky pls i want to know more on how to knit different designs of cardigan/sweater with knitting machine

    • Have you watched my YouTube channel? It will help you make a pullover sweater on the machine. Then it’s not very hard to change that to a cardigan and that information is in Sweater 101 though I do not explain it specifically for the machine.

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