Sweater 101: How to Plan Sweaters that Fit…and Organize Your Knitting Life at the Same Time

Sweawter 101 CoverDear Sweater Knitter (Aspiring or Accomplished),

Your chances of making a sweater that fits someone you love (including yourself), with or without a commercial pattern, just got better.

  • Have you ever fallen for a gorgeous yarn but didn’t buy it because you couldn’t find a pattern for it?
  • Do you have a favorite store-bought sweater that you’d love to duplicate in yarn from your stash?
  • Have you ever found a pattern that you adored but couldn’t make it because it was written for yarn that has been discontinued?
  • Have you ever tried every set of knitting needles you own in the suggested size to get the gauge called for by a pattern and still not achieved it? Up a size, down a size and hand cramps later, you still couldn’t match it?
  • Worse yet, have you matched the yarn, pattern and gauge perfectly and still had to rip out hours of work because of errors in the pattern?
  • Have you sworn off sweaters forever because of too many sweater disasters?

If so, Sweater 101: How to Plan Sweaters that Fit … and Organize your Knitting Life at the Same Time can help you.

Sweater 101 is not a book of patterns.  It’s a reference text that you’ll consult every time you make a sweater…

With Sweater 101 you will:

  • learn make a proper gauge swatch and measure it with an accuracy worthy of NASA (pages 30-31).
  • know the three sources of measurements for sizing a sweater (pp. 35-36).
  • create a simple-to-follow “Picture Pattern” for each sweater you make.
  • easily chart a set-in sleeve cap without a single hypotenuse squared.
  • have the tools you need to organize your knitting life.
  • use two simple arithmetic skills to save time on every sweater you knit (page 22+).
  • adapt a pattern to your yarn, gauge and body size.
  • change necklines and collars on any sweater.
  • fall in love with any yarn and buy it, confident that you can make your own pattern for it.

“You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.” Albert Einstein

Sweater 101 is simple…

It consists of

  • 66 pages of text in which I teach you all of the above and more.
  • Appendix A which is a mini-reference book with schematics that show the standard measurements for 30 sizes, Child’s Size 6 months to Men’s Size 50, in three basic styles.
  • Appendix B which has six reproducible forms to help you draw your own patterns, chart a perfect set-in sleeve, and create a written record with your gauge and yarn information that will make your knitting life easier and more organized. In the eBook version, these forms are interactive and printable. In the hard bound version these forms are meant to be photocopied.

Sweater 101 is tried and true…

After almost 25 years in print much has been said about the book. You can read some of it by clicking here.

Sweater 101 is published in two formats, as a Hard Bound Book and as an eBook…

The Hard Bound Book…

    • cuddles up in your favorite knitting chair with you.
    • is portable. Put it in your knitting bag, take it to your LYS and design a sweater right there.
    • is durable. It has a stout cover, built to last for years of use.
    • is convenient to use. It lies totally flat with an ingenious concealed Wire-O binding.
    • is a familiar friend. We’re all used to physical books, and this one was carefully designed to give you years of service.
    • is only $32.95

SHIPPING COSTS: The book with packaging weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces and these prices are close to actual postage, some even less. All prices in US $. I hate inflated shipping fees:

  • Within the US: $3.95 USPS Media Mail
  • Canada: $25 First Class Mail International
  • Europe: $34 First Class Mail International
  • Elsewhere in the world:  $34 First Class Mail International



The eBook…

  • is an electronic file that is available instantly. You’ll have it in minutes.
  • saves you money. Besides being less expensive, there’s no shipping charge, even across oceans.
  • is easily navigated. You can jump to the section you need with the click of a mouse, or search for any word or phrase.
  • is easily read. You can make the print as large as you need.
  • is flexible. You can read it on your computer screen or print out a hardcopy.
  • is interactive. You can fill in the Picture Patterns and Gauge Record Sheet on the computer and then print them out.
  • saves paper. Print out only what you need.
  • is only $29. Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.48.02 PMALL ORDERS NOW GO THROUGH MY COOL, SAFE GUMROAD STORE